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My Family Christmas Photos

For my oldest son’s first Christmas, like any new mom, I wanted to use his picture for our card. I’d picked out green and red ornaments for him to play with for our family Christmas photos, but all he wanted to do was eat them. When I finally decided to scrap the props altogether, he wouldn’t stop crying. Eventually I gave up.

Later that evening during bath time, he couldn’t stop laughing. I quickly put his button up dress shirt back on him with the bottom half of the shirt sitting in the bath water. I added a Santa hat, cropped in close and snapped away. To the unknowing Christmas card recipient that year, there was no evidence of a bath tub in the end result!

Fast forward five years and I’d like to think we’ve made progress, but our photo sessions aren’t without their hiccups. And they’ve become slightly more challenging as both my sister and I have added new little ones to the mix. For awhile there, our family grew at the rate of a baby a year, and one year there were even twins! Here’s a look at some of the fun that comes with trying to photograph these sweet kiddos all at once.

family Christmas photos


I have no idea what was so funny in the two pictures above, but we finally got it. Though I love the first takes as well!

Merry Christmas

They sure do love their Gramma, even if it looks like they’re trying to tackle her here!










And a big thank you to my friend Susan who took the picture on the left of my family for me and also recommended this scenic spot for photos!



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