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The Bride’s Choice: Lindsey & Guli

A few months ago, I received a very heartfelt email from Lindsey, one of my 2014 brides. It had been a year since her wedding. Her email began, “I thought of you today and I wanted to thank you.” She then said her father-in-law had passed away since their wedding and she talked about how much more their wedding photographs had come to mean to them since his passing. She attached a handful of her favorites. (It was actually her email that prompted me to start this blog series.)

Here is what she had to say about the images she chose:

“We were so happy to have his father there with us for the wedding.  You caught a beautiful moment between Guli and his father after dancing.  Our family has come to cherish this photo … we have just celebrated our one-year anniversary and flew his father’s ashes to India to rest.  The wedding and the photos that you took have come to mean so much more to us than our union alone.”

It was a wonderful reminder that the purpose of the photos we take are both to document the memories created, and the people in them. For these are the images that will bring us comfort when they’re no longer with us.

To see more images from Lindsey and Guli’s wedding, please view their full blog post here.


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