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For Families: Planning for a Successful Photo Session

If you’re planning an engagement session or a family portrait session, here’s a list of helpful hints for a great shoot!

1. What to Wear : I recommend choosing solid colored clothing and staying away from anything with a lot of patterns. Patterns can be distracting and also compete with the background whereas solids lend themselves to more classic, soft images. If you like scarves, headbands, hair pieces, jewelry or fun shoes, bring them! These accessories help showcase your style and look great in photographs.

If your photo session will include multiple family members, it’s not necessary, or even recommended, that everyone wear exactly the same color. Wearing coordinating colors or various shades of one color photographs well.


2. When to Plan Your Photo Session: My preference is to shoot an hour to an hour and a half before sunset. This is the best light for photographs. My second choice would be to schedule sessions in the morning. It’s best to avoid the middle of the day when the sun is the most harsh. That being said, I recognize, this time is not always the best time for children. So if you’re planning a photo session for children, it’s best to schedule it around their nap time and when they will most likely be in the best mood.

3. Where to Have Your Photo Session: When choosing a location for your photo session, it’s important to remember that the background will serve as a vibe or overall feel for the session and being able to pinpoint exactly where the photos were taken is not as important as what will provide the best backdrop or the best light. You and your loved ones will be the focus of the photos more so than the location itself. If your photo session is scheduled for a time during the middle of the day, you’ll want to choose a location that offers a fair amount of shade.

4. What to Bring to Your Photo Session: Bringing an object that reflects your personality or interests to include can add a lot to your photos. At the beginning of the session, when your nerves may be running a little higher, just having something to hold on to like a bunch of lavender, a coffee or a book/leather journal can take a lot of the pressure off knowing exactly what to do. These personal touches also add to the photos and showcase your personality/style.


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